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Enderle I

Contractor LE 30 SelfRetracting Device

Contractor LE 30 SelfRetracting Device

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When it comes to worker safety, there are no second chances. Fortunately FallTech takes safety very seriously. This FallTech Contractor LE 30′ Self-Retracting Device (727630LE) may be used as a traditional SRD for overhead anchorage options or in below harness D鈥恟ing anchorage conditions. It features an internal inertial brake and an external shock pack. It’s load鈥恑ndicating swivel carabiner has a 3,600 lb. gate. This device is rated for one worker up to 310 lbs. It also complies with the following OSHA and ANSI standards: OSHA: CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66 – ANSI: ANSI Z359.13, ANSI Z359.14锟?014

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