Le Mesuriers Sauce Boxset
Le Mesuriers

Le Mesuriers Sauce Boxset

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Sauce box set containing 1 jar of each of these award winning sauces: Mint, Hot Horseradish, and Dill Mustard.  Adding a zing to your lamb, a lift to your stews and Nordic twist to your smoked fish... this collection of great tasting sauces delivers definitive tastes every time.

Mint sauce - to make a great mint sauce is a fine balancing act of ingredients. Try with grilled or roast lamb or mix with natural yoghurt for a great dipping sauce.

Hot Horseradish - this certainly delivers a kick of heat to make a perfect combination with roast beef.

Dill Mustard - for all you fish lovers out there, this sauce can be paired with gravadlax and fish for a classic combination.  But try it in a potato salad as well, or give your burger a Swedish touch.

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